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In the form below you can change the timestamp and is_valid flag for one or more objects. If you make an object invalid please also provide a reason for this in the comment field on the right.

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Name Value
Type 631 RawScienceFrame
Filename WFI.2000-04-24T04:18:27.606_5.fits
Creation 2006-11-15 07:39:20.388196
Observed 2000-04-24 04:18:27
Instrument WFI
Chip ccd54
Filter #843
Flags 0

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CalTS has pre-selected the objects if all similar objects with different chips have been found. Otherwise CalTS tried to group similar objects so they can be easily selected.

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4 ALL ccd50 2000-04-24 04:18:27 WFI.2000-04-24T04:18:27.606_1.fits
4 ALL ccd51 2000-04-24 04:18:27 WFI.2000-04-24T04:18:27.606_2.fits
4 ALL ccd52 2000-04-24 04:18:27 WFI.2000-04-24T04:18:27.606_3.fits
4 ALL ccd53 2000-04-24 04:18:27 WFI.2000-04-24T04:18:27.606_4.fits
4 ALL ccd54 2000-04-24 04:18:27 WFI.2000-04-24T04:18:27.606_5.fits
4 ALL ccd55 2000-04-24 04:18:27 WFI.2000-04-24T04:18:27.606_6.fits
4 ALL ccd56 2000-04-24 04:18:27 WFI.2000-04-24T04:18:27.606_7.fits
4 ALL ccd57 2000-04-24 04:18:27 WFI.2000-04-24T04:18:27.606_8.fits

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